Carr Hill Primary School

  1. Governors
  2. The Work of Carr Hill Governors

The Work of Carr Hill Governors

Governors at Carr Hill give their time to perform a number of different activities:

  • They attend Full Board Meetings once a term;

  • They attend at least one Committee Meeting one a term;

  • They make themselves available for Extraordinary Meetings (e.g. to make appointments, to attend disciplinary hearings, to speak with Ofsted Inspectors) as and when they arise; and

  • To visit the school at least twice a year.  These visits can be divided into two groups:

  1. Those which are concerned with Compliance; and

  2. Those which are focused specifically on School Improvement

Compliance includes the following:

                                                              i.      Policies Update

                                                             ii.      Health & Safety Inspection

                                                           iii.      Safeguarding & Central Record Checks

                                                           iv.      Website & GDPR

                                                             v.      HT Appraisal

                                                           vi.      Specific Funding Areas – e.g. PPG; Sports Grant; Catch-Up Premium

Each Governor takes a responsibility for one of these Compliance areas.

School Improvement Visits focus on specific Improvement Targets identified in the School’s Evaluation and Improvement Plans.  Currently these are:

1)      To increase rates of pupil progress and attainment in writing.

2)      To further strengthen quality first teaching (QFT) in order to continue to raise standards in core subjects and further mitigate the impact of school closures.

3)      To further develop leaders at all levels in order to continue to raise standards across the wider curriculum.

4)      To strengthen and increase engagement of parents with the process of their child’s learning in order to improve pupil achievement, with a particular focus on disadvantaged pupils

In this way Governors are part of the School Improvement Team.