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Learning at Carr Hill

At Carr Hill, we know how important it is to think and talk about how we learn and what helps us to take on new challenges. Over the last 4 years, we have focused on developing a Growth Mindset. In Spring Term 2020, I chatted to groups of children across the school about learning at Carr Hill. 6 Year 5 pupils particularly impressed me with their discussion and so we continued to work together, developing a set of Learning Behaviour Characters.

The children drew these and the amazing team at ‘Bubble Design’ in Retford used these designs to make our very own set of characters. These have been turned into badges on Marvellous Me and are displayed in all classrooms (Year 1-6). Teachers are now talking to children about being ‘Proud Pigs’ or ‘Determined Donkeys’!

Watermark Kangaroo.png Watermark Ape.png Watermark Camel.png Watermark Cat.png
Watermark Chameleon.png Watermark Donkey.png Watermark Ice Cream.png Watermark Pig.png

Miss Stallworthy and I will be working with this team of children, now Year 6, to develop children’s understanding of how they learn and what can help them to improve and be their very best.

They will be chatting to pupils and looking at learning across the school (obviously in a slightly different way than planned, due to Covid-19). They will report back to parents throughout the year and we plan to celebrate fabulous learning on this page, throughout the year.

Mrs Alford

Watermark Chameleon.png

Confident Chameleon says:

  •          Take off my non-believing tail-change can’t to can.

  •          Keep believing in yourself.

  •          Have a go and answer questions in class.

  •          Give new things a try.

Watermark Pig.png

Proud Pig says:

  •          Don’t be down, be proud.

  •         Show work you are proud of to others; they will be impressed.

  •          Give yourself a pat on the back for good work.

  •          Be proud of the effort you put into tricky work.

Watermark Donkey.png

Determined Donkey says:

  •          Never give up when things are hard.

  •          You can do it.

  •          Try your best.

  •          Remember when you have succeeded before and how good it felt, then keep going.

Watermark Kangaroo.png

Cooperative Kangaroo says:

  •          Teamwork lightens the load.

  •          Helping others can help you to have a deeper understanding as well as feeling great about yourself.

  •          Work together and share skills and knowledge.

  •          Asking for help sometimes is a positive step.

Watermark Cat.png

Creative Cat says:

  •          Think about how you solved other problems which might help you this time.

  •          Share your bright ideas.

  •          Try to make links with your ideas.

  •          Take time to plan how you will unpick a task, challenge or problem before you start; it might be different to how someone else approaches it, but there may be more than one way to succeed.

Watermark Camel.png

Curious Camel says:

  •          Ask lots of questions.

  •          Notice and wonder.

  •          View mistakes as an opportunity to learn.

  •          Find new ways to find out about the word; read lots.

Watermark Ape.png

Aspirational Ape says:

  •          Always aim to be your best.

  •          Challenge yourself.

  •          Break challenges into small chunks and take things one step at a time.

  •          Hold onto your dreams for the future.

Watermark Ice Cream.png

Independent Ice-cream says:

  •          Have a go at your work yourself, before asking for help from others.

  •          Think about equipment you could use to help you with your work (some ideas are dictionaries, counters, displays, books)

  •          Try to remember what has helped you when you have done similar work.

  • If something is tricky, practise, practise, practise until you can do it.