27th May 2019

It is hard to believe that there is only one more term until the end of the year, but we have had lots of fun filled activities during our final week of this half term.

In Maths, we have been practising converting units of length (mm, cm and m) and using these skills to add and order different lengths. Our Maths Star of the week is James for the great effort he put in completing his conversion activities. I have challenged the children to make 'conversion posters' to show their understanding, and I am hoping that we may even have some so amazing that Mrs Alford would like to see them for her Hall of Fame. Good luck everyone!

In English, we have continued our study of Varmints and begun to consider how the text makes us feel. We have also been practising creating our own expanded noun phrases to make our writing more interesting. After a great game using a Where's Wally book, we all wrote our own clues for our partner, to see if they could find the person we had identified. Cezary and Booby are our joint English Stars as they worked so well together and created some great sentences.

We had a special visit this week from The Body Bus. We spent and hour on board learning about ways to keep our bodies and minds healthy. We were able to identify our internal organs, discuss what makes a healthy and unhealthy lifestyle, and even had a visit from a giraffe!

Have a great half term!

20th May 2019

It’s been another mixed bag of topics this week. We have been learning to tell the time to the o’clock, half past and quarter to and quarter past. We noticed how useful the hour hand was for this and that, if you looked at it very closely, you could tell the time using this hand alone. We have also been working on methods for solving missing number problems.

Finally we looked at a range of different problems and used out multiplication, division, addition and subtraction problems to solve them.

We have been focussing on Phonics and Reading Comprehension Revision this week. We have been underlining key words in the questions and then searching for those key words in the text. After, we read around those key words to locate the answer.

We have been learning about food groups this week and using these to help us design a healthy, balanced meal.

Thank you for everyone’s efforts for Crazy Hair Day. The children looked fantastic and there were lots of weird and wonderful hair designs!

Gaia Maths Star.jpg

This week’s Maths Star is Gaia. Gaia is very conscientious in her work in all areas of the curriculum. I’ve been particularly impressed with her resilience and determination in Maths though. Well done Gaia!

Alfie English Star.jpg

This week’s English Star is Alfie. He has really been pulling out the stops in Phonic lessons and making lots of extra effort to go the extra mile. His extra efforts are really paying off and he’s reaping rewards there..

13th May 2019

It’s been a mixed bag of topics this week. We have been exploring 2Dshape and building pictures with the shapes, naming and recognising features. We’ve also been exploring symmetry and reflection. We had fun folding paper shapes to find the line of symmetry and making symmetrical shapes and patterns with the peg boards. We’ve also been learning to measure with rulers and non-standard items, such as cubes. Finally, we explored different graphs and charts and asked and answered questions about these.

Our work on Grammar Revision has continued this week. The children have also been applying their learning to test style papers, with fabulous results.

We have enjoyed learning about medicines this week and how they should be used safely. We showed what we’ve learnt by creating Medicine Safety Posters.

In Computing, we have been learning about the Impressionist Movement in Art and about artists such as Monet. We enjoyed experimenting with this style using 2Paint a Picture on Purple Mash. The children used the Impressionism tool to create their own impressionist style painting.

Sapphire-Jane English Star.jpg

This week’s English Star is Sapphire-Jane. She has been working extremely hard in Phonics, using her Phoneme-Fist really well and applying her learning. Her efforts in Phonics lessons are also excellent.

Ruben Maths Star.jpg

This week’s Maths Star is Ruben. Ruben has really been pulling out all of the stops in our daily arithmetic practice during register time. He is scoring really highly during his 15 questions every day, using all 4 operations and fractions. Keep it up Ruben!

6th May 2019

Maths – The week has consisted of revising adding, taking, multiplying, dividing and finding fractions of amounts, using pictures or manipulatives. The children worked really hard and even managed to apply their methods to a range of different worded problems. Excellent work!

English- The children have been revising different word classes: nouns, verbs and adjectives this week. They were also able to apply their learning to written problems. They also looked at prefixes and suffixes and how adding these can change the word type.

In Topic, the children learnt about the effects of exercise on the body.

This week’s ‘Maths Star’ is Harvey for challenging himself in Maths all week.

Our ‘English Star’ is Emmi for showing excellent memory skills in our grammar work and being able to successfully apply this learning and knowledge to test style questions. Excellent work to both children- keep it up!

26th April 2019

Tim Peake class had a very busy week back which consisted of finishing their work on fractions and starting some revision work on grammar learning from over the year. They also enjoyed starting their new topic, ‘Keeping Fit & Healthy’.





Alfie and Jorgia both visited the Hall of Fame this week for great team work during Maths. They worked hard to find ½ and ¼ of different numbers using manipulatives.





Charley received ‘Maths Star’ for excellent work during ‘Fluent in 5’ during register time. George received English Star for a fabulous improvement in his handwriting and general presentation of work.