15th July 2019

We have been writing out directions to make our way around grids to different objects. We have also been experimenting with our understanding of ½, ¼, and ¾ turns to help us make repeating patterns with shape.

In English we have been sorting different words from Traction Man and classifying them as nouns (proper and common), verbs and adjectives. We have also been using ‘and’, ‘but’ or ‘so’ to help us write compound sentences.

On Thursday Year 2 had a wonderful time at King’s Park, with the children from Hallcroft, who will become their classmates in September in Year 3. They worked around a carousel of activities whilst mixing with their new friends. They also had a tasty picnic lunch together. Great fun was had by all!

This week’s English Star is Sapphire-Jane. She has been doing what good readers do – reading actively! Sapphire-Jane was able to track her way through a story while trying to find the answer to a key question, commenting on possible answers as she went! Fantastic reading!

This week’s Maths Star is Amy. She has been working really hard on her times tables, with lots of success! Keep it up Amy!