1st July 2019

We have been learning to use the ‘Guess – Check – Improve’ strategy, to help us solve a problem. We have also been completing our Hot Tasks based on Shape and then doing our Cold Tasks for Position and Direction. We have been learning how to tell if it’s Left or Right and we have been giving directions to our partners using the words, forwards, backwards, left, right, up and down.

In English we have been thinking about thoughts and feelings and writing thoughts for Traction Man, based on different parts of the story.

We have been planning an investigation to see where we could plant cress seeds, experimenting with the conditions. We have decided to plant the cress on the windowsill, with water and then without water. We are also going to see what happens when we put cress seeds in the cupboard, with and without water. We used the word ‘because’ to explain our scientific predictions, based on what we have learnt so far in this topic.

As part of, Eco Week, we have been learning about what materials can we put in the blue bin and which cannot.

We have also been doing lots of extra Sports, as part of National Sport’s Week. With the rain in full force at the beginning of the week, we did lots of Yoga! By the end of the week, we managed to get outside more and enjoyed playing team games like Shuttle Runs.

Lily Maths Star.jpg

This week’s Maths Star is Lily for using some fantastic positional and directional language in Maths, during our practical work.

MOLLY English STAR.jpg

This week’s English Star is Molly. She has really been using her Reading Skills, this week. Fantastic progress Molly!