17th June 2019


We started this week by shring the story “Jasper’s Beanstalk”, Jasper plants a bean seed, but isn’t very patient and he tries to make it grow but not very sensibly. The children all laughed when he moved the soil!

The Foundation classes are going to be having a plant stall at the Summer Fair on Friday July 5th so we have started planting some seeds. We have thought about what else we may be able to sell. If any of our families would like to donate any spare plants you have to our stall, we would be very grateful.


We have been for a visit to the Community Garden and found out that is an area of school for adults and children to enjoy all the lovely things that we found there. We had to pick which moment to make visit as this week has been the rainiest for ages!

We saw lots of bees and some foxgloves that were even taller than Mrs Gaddes!

Next week we will be having a week investigating lots of ways to push and pull starting with the story “The Duck in the Truck”.