10th June 2019


We started this week by welcoming some feathered friends into Nursery. Mrs Gaddes’ budgies Ricky and Buddy stayed for the whole week which gave the children the chance to oberve them really carefully.

We went on a bird hunt in the Nursery garden and completed a tick list to see which birds visited. We found out that we get lots of pigeons, crows and blackbirds but that they stayed quite far away from us!

We used a book of garden birds to hear the different sounds that birds make. We thought that the wren makes a very big sound for such a small bird but unfortunately we didn’t manage to hear a real one.

On Friday we thought about birds nests and what they are made of. We wanted to make some to eat but didn’t want to use soil and sticks so we used chocolate and Shredded Wheat instead!

Next week we are hoping to be in the garden again but looking at the plants this time. We are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather again.