27th May 2019

Our final week of this half term started with the story “The Elves and the Shoemaker”. This gave us the opportunity to find out what shoes are made from and how they are made.

Our provision included a shoe shop which went down very well, although reuniting school shoes and their real owners provided plenty of challenge for the Nursery staff!

On Thursday we tested which footwear was waterproof. We did this by pouring water over leather shoes, canvas shoes, plastic wellies and fabric slippers. The children felt the shoes before and after the experiment. They decided that the slippers and canvas shoes were too soggy inside to wear but the wellies and leather shoes were still dry inside so they must be waterproof.

As part of our transition for full time school, we visited the “big playground” while the older children were in lessons so that we could practise going on the adventure trail. We had great fun balancing, swinging, climbing and jumping and showed that it is a great way to challenge yourself.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday 3rd June when we will be having a bird themed start to the term.