4th March 2019

This week we started with another familiar story – “The Three Little Pigs”. The children found out lots about the properties of the different materials through first hand investigations of straw, sticks and bricks. The vocabulary the children used was very impressive and our holiday homework to look at different houses had clearly helped.

The children really enjoyed taking on the roles of the different characters and putting on voices for them. We had lots of huffing and puffing in Nursery this week!

We compared the story “Huff and Puff” by Claudia Rueda with the traditional tale. We enjoyed finding a different ending to the story where the pigs had made a birthday cake for the wolf.

We also looked at the different shapes we could see in and around houses. We found lots of squares, rectangles, circles and a few triangles but are yet to find a semi-circle. We’ll keep on hunting!

The unusually sunny February weather has meant that our spring bulbs have been looking beautiful. We have daffodils, narcissi and crocus along with the pansies we planted. The hyacynths and tulips look as though they won’t be long either. We are looking forward to planting some vegetables very soon too.