25th March 2019

We continued our wolf theme this week with a story tha was new to everyone “Mr Wolf and the Three Bears” by Jan Fearnley. This time Mr Wolf and his Grandma helped to make a party for Baby Bear but Goldilocks came along uninvited! She had dreadful manners, so the lovely children from Carr Hill thought about ways we could teach her to be kind in the future.

The children enjoyed finding our about the recipes they made from Grandma’s Big recipe book and we even used it to make Mummy Bear’s sandwich recipe.

The children found the instruction to “wash your paws” very funny but did make sure to wash their hands before making the sandwiches. We ate the sandwiches at snack time and the children’s choices of jam, ham and cheese seemed to go down very well.

We have had some lovely sunshine this week and the plants in the Nursery garden are looking very colourful. We have particularly enjoyed watching how the tulips have blossomed and are now looking beautiful.

We are hoping the weather is as nice next week too as we are hoping to plant some carrots for the school’s latest gardening challenge.

If anyone has any tips about how to grow prize winning carrots, please pop into Nursery as soon as possible as we need all the help we can get!