4th February 2019


This week we been very imaginative. We shared the Nick Sharratt book “Once upon a time”. Which we found out is similar to his “Pirate Pete” story.

The children have enjoyed taking on different roles and many have used the costumes and props to be characters from fairy tales.

Our provision has given the children a chance to think about castles, palaces, potions, magical wishes and much more.

We learnt the song “There was a princess long ago” and devised our own actions for the different verses.


At the end of the week we had lots of frost so made the most of it by exploring it first hand. Thankfully the children were well wrapped up and after practising putting on hats, gloves and scarves for our “Busy Bee” challenge, it took less time getting ready to go outside.

Our sign for the week is “thank you”. It is a similar sign to the one for “please” but with a slightly shorter hand movement. We are already getting better at remembering to use these signs and are practising as much as possible.

Next week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year but do you know what the animal is for 2019?

Come back to our blog next week to find out!