18th February 2019

This week the children were keen to work on a favourite story “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen. The children loved watching Michael Rosen perform the story himself and they carried on doing the words and actions all week!

The provision in Nursery mainly centred around both the setting for the story and the sensory aspects of the the things the characters found on the “Bear Hunt”.

We asked the question “Are bears real?” which led us to find out that there are actually 8 different types of bears in the world. We compared them and found out that they were usually named after the way they look. The Sun Bear has a large round yellow patch on it’s chest and the Spectacled Bear looks like it is wearing glasses!

We are really trying hard in phonics and this showed really clearly when we were adding labels to a picture of a bear, the children tried hard to segment the words themselves using their robot arms. Some of the children even tried to write the labels themselves – this made us so proud! Great work everyone!

Have a lovely half term holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone on Monday 25th February ready for our new topic about wolves.