11th February 2019

This week we had a slightly different week as we celebrated Chinese New Year. 2019 is the year of the pig but we found out that the Nursery children were either born in the year of the horse or goat.

We learnt that “Ni Hao” means “hello” in Chinese and we wished each other “Kung hei fat choy” which is “Happy New Year”.

The children explored lots of authentic Chinese artefacts and we practised drumming to accompany a traditional lion dance.

The activity that seemed to be the most popular of the week was of course tasting some Chinese food. We cooked noodles, rice, sweet and sour sauce and prawn crackers.

Mrs Gaddes was given a fortune cookie which said that she will remain calm in an emergency – which sounds like a very good idea for a Nursery teacher!

The children have asked if we can go bear hunting next week – I wonder if we’ll catch a big one or maybe we will be scared!

Our sign of the week is one that we definitely needed this week. We learnt the sign for “coat” and the children noticed that it was just like putting on an invisible coat!