15th July 2019

This week we experimented with the concepts of floating and sinking. We started with the book “Who sank the boat?” by Pamela Allen. We also found out about different types of boats and how they are powered.

We investigated how many Compare Bears we could fit into boats before they capsized and had lots of laughs when the bears floated on the water and looked like they were swimming!

We will be finding out all about staying safe in the sun and on the beach in our last full week of the term!

8th July 2019

This week we went to visit our new class. The children who will be started full time school found out that their new class will be called “Acorns” and they will have both Miss Stallworthy and Mr Grayson teaching them. After their visit we had some very excited children who couldn’t wait to tell the children who are staying in Nursery all about it.

On Thursday the weather stayed fine and we finally got chance to have Sports Day. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the event.

On Friday we got ready for our plant sale at the Summer Fair. We planted up petunias, marigolds, verbena, begonia and Busy Lizzies into large tubs so that we had a variety of things to sell.

We will let you know how much profit we made as soon as possible.

24th June 2019


This week the school were taking part in “Road Safety Week”. In Nursery we dressed up as people who help us and thought about the jobs they do.


We had a visit from Autumn who is part of the road safety team. She taught us a great song “Stop, Look and Listen, before you cross the street”. It has a very important message which has hopefully been shared at home too.

Our “Big Questions” centered around the book “The Duck in the Truck” by Jez Alborough who is our Author of the moment. We found out about different vehicles that use roads and also about the forces of pushing and pulling.

We had great fun working together to push and pull a very large tyre. We found out that using a rope and several people was the most effective way to move it.

We then moved on to finding out about wind power and enjoyed sharing the story “Mrs Mopple’s Washing”. The children were set a challenge to try to move the washing on our line without touching it. They came up with fantastic ideas but the best was to take it outside and let the real wind blow it!

Our bean and sunflower seeds have all grown which amazed everyone. We have now sent them home so that the children can continue to enjoy them. Don’t forget to post pictures of their progress on Tapestry!

We are hoping that our families will be able to join us on Wednesday 26th June at 9:30am for our annual Foundation Sports Day. The current forecast looks good so we are keeping everything crossed that it stays that way!

17th June 2019


We started this week by shring the story “Jasper’s Beanstalk”, Jasper plants a bean seed, but isn’t very patient and he tries to make it grow but not very sensibly. The children all laughed when he moved the soil!

The Foundation classes are going to be having a plant stall at the Summer Fair on Friday July 5th so we have started planting some seeds. We have thought about what else we may be able to sell. If any of our families would like to donate any spare plants you have to our stall, we would be very grateful.


We have been for a visit to the Community Garden and found out that is an area of school for adults and children to enjoy all the lovely things that we found there. We had to pick which moment to make visit as this week has been the rainiest for ages!

We saw lots of bees and some foxgloves that were even taller than Mrs Gaddes!

Next week we will be having a week investigating lots of ways to push and pull starting with the story “The Duck in the Truck”.

10th June 2019


We started this week by welcoming some feathered friends into Nursery. Mrs Gaddes’ budgies Ricky and Buddy stayed for the whole week which gave the children the chance to oberve them really carefully.

We went on a bird hunt in the Nursery garden and completed a tick list to see which birds visited. We found out that we get lots of pigeons, crows and blackbirds but that they stayed quite far away from us!

We used a book of garden birds to hear the different sounds that birds make. We thought that the wren makes a very big sound for such a small bird but unfortunately we didn’t manage to hear a real one.

On Friday we thought about birds nests and what they are made of. We wanted to make some to eat but didn’t want to use soil and sticks so we used chocolate and Shredded Wheat instead!

Next week we are hoping to be in the garden again but looking at the plants this time. We are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather again.

27th May 2019

Our final week of this half term started with the story “The Elves and the Shoemaker”. This gave us the opportunity to find out what shoes are made from and how they are made.

Our provision included a shoe shop which went down very well, although reuniting school shoes and their real owners provided plenty of challenge for the Nursery staff!

On Thursday we tested which footwear was waterproof. We did this by pouring water over leather shoes, canvas shoes, plastic wellies and fabric slippers. The children felt the shoes before and after the experiment. They decided that the slippers and canvas shoes were too soggy inside to wear but the wellies and leather shoes were still dry inside so they must be waterproof.

As part of our transition for full time school, we visited the “big playground” while the older children were in lessons so that we could practise going on the adventure trail. We had great fun balancing, swinging, climbing and jumping and showed that it is a great way to challenge yourself.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday 3rd June when we will be having a bird themed start to the term.

20th May 2019

This week we have used the theme of “Superheroes” to inspire our learning. We had lots of hands on ways to free superheroes from tangled webs, melt hands that Ice-Man had frozen, building skyscrapers from Numicon and also decorating masks.

Our “Big Questions” covered skills such as counting backwards from 10, finding words that rhyme and predicting what might happen to characters in story.

As well as lots of excitement about Superheroes, we also visited Mrs Parsons in the dining room. Some of our older children will be starting full time in September so we will be helping to make their transition to their new class as easy as possible. Mrs Parsons gave us icecream and sprinkles so that we could join in the seaside themed day that the older children had at lunch time today.

We had some very happy children who now all think Mrs Parsons is fantastic!

On Friday we had crazy hair day and people had made lots of effort to make some very interesting styles. We hope some of the colours come out easily! Thank you to everyone for taking part.

We have had lots of fun outside in the sun this week and Mrs Alford has some very exciting news about the Nursery playground which we look forward to revealing very soon!