22nd October 2018

Maths: Well this week has been all about adding numbers with up to 4-digits. We have proved ourselves to be brilliant at it, including when exchanging between the different values. This has meant that we have been able to really challenge ourselves with missing digits, which we soon got to grips with, along with reasoning and problem solving questions where we have had to explain our thinking. This has certainly improved as the week has gone on.

English: We have completed our “Jack and the Beanstalk” stories and have started to write them up as a “best” copy (some have been added to the blog) but have not been able to record them as yet. We have also been busy discussing who is to blame for the giant’s death. It was quite easy to come up with reasons why the different characters were to blame but to expand on these ideas in a letter proved to be a little trickier. We will continue to work on this during this week and hope to share some of our letters with you next week.

The most interesting part of our work this week was drawing our perspective giants that we are going to paint this next week. So far, the work we have done has proved to be effective and we are hoping that our painting skills will improve the work further.

Our Star of the Week this week is Daniel for the real effort that he has put into his handwriting and story writing. There have been some real improvements – keep up the hard work Daniel.