8th October 2018

The main features of maths that we’ve covered this week are the ending of the place value unit, and the start of the 4 operations unit! We had been working very hard with our minus and place value process, but unfortunately we have to come to a close. Now we are working on + and – numbers, which we are doing quite well at. We are enjoying maths very much, and cannot wait for next week’s lessons!

In English we have been finishing and checking our biographies. Under the pressure of the cold task, we know it was coming soon, and come soon it did with the Alchemist’s Letter. Miss Footitt told us that the Chilli Challenges were: retelling the film as a story, continuing the story or a free write of our choice.

Have a listen to the song we learned in Spanish this week!

In topic, we have been focusing on Scream Machine. We have been learning about fairs and theme parks, and all the rides. We are now learning to construct our own ride, using the main materials. We cannot wait to make them and construct them so that they actually spin round!

Amelia and Will T