1 July 2019


This week in Year 3 we have been celebrating Eco Week. As part of our Big Blue Marble topic, we have been looking at the ways that plastic is polluting our ocean and thinking of ideas to combat this. On Thursday afternoon, we joined up with Mrs Brown and Mrs Slade to design posters and to create a huge artwork using just some of the plastic bottle tops that we have been recycling in school.

It has also been Sports Week! We have been very excited to follow the triumphs of the Lionesses in the World Cup, and to celebrate this, have been taking part in at least an hour of exercise every day with a football theme. Some children have enjoyed using this time to play full football matches with Mr Rice, work on drills with Mrs Tuddenham, and work with Mrs Goulder on her favourite game of Cricket-football. We ended the week with a Sports Themed Quiz with all of Year 3 outside in the glorious sunshine.