1 July 2019


This week in Year 3 we have been celebrating Eco Week. As part of our Big Blue Marble topic, we have been looking at the ways that plastic is polluting our ocean and thinking of ideas to combat this. On Thursday afternoon, we joined up with Mrs Brown and Mrs Slade to design posters and to create a huge artwork using just some of the plastic bottle tops that we have been recycling in school.

It has also been Sports Week! We have been very excited to follow the triumphs of the Lionesses in the World Cup, and to celebrate this, have been taking part in at least an hour of exercise every day with a football theme. Some children have enjoyed using this time to play full football matches with Mr Rice, work on drills with Mrs Tuddenham, and work with Mrs Goulder on her favourite game of Cricket-football. We ended the week with a Sports Themed Quiz with all of Year 3 outside in the glorious sunshine.

24th June 2019


This week has been ‘Road Safety Week’. We used our ICT skills to design and produce posters to encourage Parents, Carers and visitors to the school to park away from the school gates, while complying with the speed limit. The children really enjoyed this and created some super work. Well done!

In English we researched different whales in order to get the required information for our information texts. We completed our ‘Hot Task’, including subheadings, nouns/pronouns and conjunctions.

On Friday, we had a fun end to the week as we joined up with the rest of year 3 for a road safety quiz.

17th June 2019

We have been completing lots of end of year assessments this week, but we have been having lots of fun creating posters for the Summer Fair and designing and sewing sea creatures in DT.

In maths we continue each day to develop our times table recall, we had lots of fun singing songs and playing different games.

We continued our topic on the ocean, all three classes gathered together to watch a bbc documentary about plastic in the ocean. It was really interesting and made us think about the amount of single use plastic polluting the planet.

10th June 2019

Welcome back after a well earned week off.

This week we have worked hard developing our maths skills when measuring length and we began to introduce perimeter.

In English we have been studying the key features of information texts. We are aiming to write our own all about whales. In order to write about the relevant information we had a lesson in the ICT suite in order to research whales.

On Friday we had the opportunity to look at the latest books, share stories and buy any books that had interested us.

27th May 2019

This week we had the opportunity to visit the ‘Life Education Bus’ where we learnt about how to live healthier and the different functions of our body parts.  We met Harold the giraffe, Derek the penguin and Kiki the kangaroo who taught us what harms our bodies as well as what helps our bodies.

In maths we began our unit on measure by going around the classroom measuring items with a ruler. We measured the items in mm and cm.


In PE, we had a fantastic opportunity to work with a specialist cricket coach. He taught us how to correctly catch a ball, field and bat. Once we had practiced the skills we had a game.