22nd October 2018

Another week and another set of amazing work.

The week started with the children focussing on their handwriting and presentation. I challenged the children to turn extracts from their stories into work that was suitable for display on the classroom wall. They then began a short unit of work entitled, “Who was responsible for killing the giant?” After considering who the possible suspects where they carried out a short debate before making their final decision. They then had to write a letter to the suspect which explained why they thought that they were responsible. Below are some recordings of the children’s letters.

Mathematics was spent working on some addition problems. These involved the children reasoning and explaining mistakes. We then moved to looking at inverse operations. This naturally made the children consider their subtraction skills. Seven children had success with their times table rock stars and either moved on to new tables to learn or improved their recall speed. Thomas deserves a special mention as he has lowered his recall of a mixed set of multiplication and division questions based on all twelve times table to completing sixty questions in 1 minute 44 seconds.

Our art work has moved to creating perspective giant paintings. Below is a film of the class hard at work on this little project.

Our composer of the week was Ava for her letter writing.