29th March 2019


Izzy came to show me her Maths work. Mrs Beardsall was very impressed with how well she had completed her ‘Hot Task’. She seems to have new-found confidence, which is showing in her work. Great work Izzy!

Luke came to read me his amazing writing describing a mother taking her children to be evacuated during World War Two. It is so imaginative, including powerful descriptions of her thoughts and feelings. It brought a tear to my eye!

Alesha came to show me the work on fractions that she had chosen to do at home. This is great to see and proves how motivated she is. Well done Alesha!

Emily was so motivated to practise the elements of Maths that she needed to focus on that she set her own challenges to practise key skills at home. A great attitude Emily!

I spotted her diary whilst she was eating her sandwiches. She told me that her inspiration came from reading The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I am so impressed with her self-motivation to write and how much she is enjoying making people laugh!