2nd March 2018

Ellis in F2 came to show me his amazing writing. Miss Stallworthy told me how impressed she was that he had written almost all of this with no support, using phonics to spell new words. We had a lovely chat about the seaside. I’m really looking forward to reading more of Ellis’ writing in the future!


Mia came to read me her writing. She showed me her latest two pieces and Mrs Thompson sent a note to say how impressed she was  with Mia’s progress since her starting point. I was so impressed with the editing Mia did, especially on her poem. She improved her ideas to make a good poem spectacular! Have a look at Mrs Thompson’s comments and how Mia has used her suggestions to make her writing even more effective. Mia was also able to tell me why she had chosen the words and phrases she had to make her writing effective. Well done Mia.