23rd November 2018


Chisom came to tell me about how she has worked so in all her lessons this week. Mrs Thompson was particularly proud of the effort she put into her Maths work and I was impressed when I worked with the class on a reading activity. Keep it up Chisom.


Kammie came to show me how she has worked so hard to improve her writing and this is clear to see in the standard of writing in her ‘Hot Task’. Well done Kammie.


Mrs Smith and Mrs Brown are so pleased with the huge effort Alfie is putting into his swimming. He is beginning to gain confidence and has even been trying without his arm bands. Well done Alfie!


Mrs Nelson was so impressed by Harvey’s writing for his ‘Hot Task’. There was such an improvement from his ‘Cold Task’ and it was clear to see that he had worked hard in all the lessons in between to write more effectively, using punctuation, great ideas and conjunctions. Fabulous work Harvey!