26th January 2018

Ava came to show me the extra Spanish homework she has been doing. She used her Spanish Words book and Google to find the words she wanted. She has shown DETERMINATION, which we are focusing on this week. Well done Ava!


Grace has been writing poems about volcanoes in her class. She has shown DETERMINATION, by writing her own poem at home. She used metaphors really effectively. Well done Grace!

The volcano is a storm cloud,
A rising tower,
So grey and loud,
As amusing lava pours.

The volcano is a giant,
Ginormous as can be,
Likes eating plants,
Whilst melting rocks.

The volcano is a dragon,
Its smoke is really fluffy,
It breathes out black,
He is extremely big.

The volcano is a weapon,
So rocky and black,
As the larva runs through, it turns orange and red,
As it grows big.