10th February 2017

Miss Brownfoot asked Jayden to come and tell me about how he played fair in his team swimming race. He was keen for his team to win ‘fair and square’  and she was very proud of him, as am I. Well done Jayden.

Taome and Alfie came to show me their writing, where they had been working hard to achieve their targets, especially adding speech, using different words for ‘said’. 

Mrs Hudson sent Chloe, William Arianna and Paulina to show me how hard they have been working to learn how to spell the days of the week. I was very impressed; they even managed ‘Wednesday’ which is very tricky!

Nikodem came to show me his maths work, where he had worked on some challenging calculations. He was able to explain his working out. Well done!

Daisy and Korben came to tell me about the great work they have been doing in PE. They have been developing their dance skills and encouraging their groups to work hard at doing the same. Well done!

Mitchell came to show me how he has been using multiplication and division facts to solve word problems. He told me how drawing groups of dots helped him to ‘see’ the problem. Well done Mitchell!