10th November 2017

Anu came to show me her excellent maths work, where she had been multiplying decimals. Her work was well set out, enabling her to spot any mistakes easily. She is rightly very proud of herself.


Hope came to show me her heartfelt free verse poem, which was beautifully written. She is rightly very proud of herself. 

Alesha and Olivia came to show me  their marvellous maths work. Mrs Beardsall was so impressed with their understanding of tens and units and different ways of making 100.


Kenzie came to show me his descriptive bonfire poem.


He used excellent word choices and presented this imaginatively on his flames to make an impressive final piece of work.


Miles came to read his ‘Cold Task’ writing which had really impressed Miss Brownfoot.


It was very imaginative and had me gripped throughout. I am looking forward to reading his ‘Hot task’ in a few weeks.