13th January 2017

Jack visited me with Mrs Parsons who wanted to tell me how helpful he has been in the dining hall, helping the younger children to clear away. His help is invaluable. Thanks Jack!

Leon visited me to show me his writing about a Volcano Giant.  I was very impressed with the detail he used to make his description so interesting. Well done Leon.

Oliver visited me to show me his imaginative writing about his Volcano Giant. He had used descriptive vocabulary to make his writing come to life. It was easy to imagine what the giant looked like. Well done Oliver!

Levi came to show me his ‘cold write’ re-telling the story of ‘Traction man’. He had used adjectives to describe which is one of his targets. He also used beautiful handwriting . Well done Levi!

Seth came to show read me his ‘Red Eye’ story which he had adapted from the original story. He had added some new detail and read it fluently and confidently. Well done Seth!

Bradley visited me to show me his writing about how to trap a giant. I was so impressed with his imaginative instructions. Well done Bradley!