23rd September 2016



Bobby and Zakh visited me this week to tell me the story of ‘The Enormous Crocodile’, with actions! It was a welcome break from my other work.



When I visited Mrs Nelson’s class, I heard Aloma make excellent contributions in her phonics lesson. She had a very clear understanding of homophones and gave clear examples. ‘The sky is blue.’  ‘The wind blew.’



Harley came to visit me after a phone call from Mr Nunn in Ironbridge. He told me how Harley had been so enthusiastic during every activity whilst in Ironbridge and had superb behaviour.  He was so impressed that Harley made an effort to donate to charity on his way out of the museum.




Miss Brownfoot sent Natan to tell me about his success in swimming. He was not afraid to get his face wet during ‘The Elephant game’. I’m expecting to hear more about his success in swimming soon!