16th September 2016

Daisey and  Kiran came to show me their  paintings of a giant, where they had skilfully used perspective to help them make the giant’s head seem further away, hence  making him appear extremely tall!

Emily, Justin and Daisy came to show me the fabulous beanstalks they have made from wire and decorative leaves. They had to use specialist tools and carefully design where they would add tendrils. They are very effective.



Harry was very proud of the careful writing and drawing he did in his ‘My Family’ book. He worked carefully to produce some realistic portraits of his mum, dad and brother Charlie.








Kian was rightly very proud of his writing about the jobs Victorian children did. He had included some interesting facts and wrote in his neatest handwriting!

Callum and Robyn have been super fast in completing speed squares. I know they both excelled in this in Year 3 and I suspect they will be competing with each other throughout Year 4...watch this space!


Scarlett was very proud of her Maths work on place value. She also talked to me about her work about odd and even numbers and explained how she will be able to look back at her work to help her remember in the future...good thinking!