30th September 2016



Isabella brought her writing to read to me. It was the start of a suspense story. She certainly got me thinking and wondering about the characters and events in her story. Well done Isabella!



Callum came to read me his amazing writing. He used imaginative language to set the scene and I was intrigued. I am looking forward to reading his next piece. Keep up the good work Callum!



Elijah was very proud of his Maths work. He had been working on place value and was able to explain how he had added 5, 50 and 500 to different numbers. Well done!



Daisy visited me to read her story about her dad’s university students. She worked really hard on this at home and it was amusing to read about their antics! Daisy’s dad is a lecturer at Lincoln University. It certainly sounds like fun to study animation with him! Well done Daisy