Garden Club - Winter Update

This year our intrepid gardeners decided to brave the winter weather and the club continued their after school sessions right through the winter period. After the allotment was tidied and winter veg planted the children focussed their attention on a number of mini projects. 
First up was how to solve our welly storage problem, which had previously been a box that leaked resulting in many soggy feet! They considered many different designs using recycled materials. Their final effort was an amazing success using an old pallet and the offcuts from the willow dome.

Next we discussed how to encourage more birds into the school grounds. The children decided they would like to make bird feeders, again using recycled materials. Some made use of the wood left over from the pallet whilst others decided to use old pop bottles. All of their designs are now hanging from the large tree outside the Year 4 classroom and need regular refilling!

Both of these projects allowed the children to be involved in the design and construction process. They learned to use tools such as saws and drills safely and effectively.

As the nights started to get lighter we undertook our last project before we head back into the allotment. The Gardeners were tasked with preparing the growing beds for the forthcoming ‘Carr Hill in Bloom’ competition. The turf that was removed was then used to repair some bare patches around school and also cover our first ‘Grass Chair’  which now sits proudly on the grass outside the dining room.