12th November 2018

This week in Ellen MacArthur ……….

In English we have been learning some senses poems.

Here is one we have enjoyed practising together.


We have put some actions to our performance.

Here we are performing this poem together.

We have been exploring Bonfire Night experiences with our senses too!

We have been generating lots of adjectives that describe a range of Bonfire objects.

Here we are taking part in an English lesson where we had to use our senses and record some good adjectives. We are going to use these adjectives to help us write our own poems.

In maths …….. we continue to work on addition and subtraction.

We have been trying to use our number bond knowledge to help us.


In topic ….. have been learning about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot.

We have been working together to read about the plot and to look at pictures and put them in order.