8th October 2018

This week in Ellen MacArthur ……….

We have had a busy week!

In English……   we have been working on our story maps and trying hard to get to know our story. We have been practising telling each other our stories.

We are looking forward to being authors next week when we write our new stories.


In Maths ……. we have continue to learn about Place Value and have been making two digit numbers and ordering them in different ways.  


We have also been getting ready for our Harvest Assembly next week.

Here we are getting creative! If you come to the assembly you will see more of what we made.

Here we are first thing on Friday morning! Everyday we come into class and work on getting better at something out of our table baskets.  Some of us are working on writing numbers correctly, some practising spellings. We are very proud of ourselves and so are Mrs Hudson and Mrs Beardsall.