Democracy in Action

Our Thanks go to Jonathan Brassington and his team who visited school on Wednesday 12th October as part of Local Democracy Week. They gave us the fantastic opportunity to vote on three King’s Park Splash Pool options.

Recent coverage in the Retford Times has shown the strength of feeling in the local community about the Splash pool design. Approximately £400,000 is to be committed to enhance the experiences of children who visit king’s Park. Asking local children to help in the selection not only makes sure that their views are known, but also enables the children to experience the responsibility of our nation’s democratic voting system at first hand.

Three plans were presented to the children at Carr Hill so that they could have a say in how the Splash Pool development will look.  The children’s most popular piece of park equipment was also identified so that it could be incorporated into the final design.
The children each received official ballot papers before entering real polling booths to cast their votes. Once completed, the folded slips were placed into the ballot box, just as they are in the general election! The voting slips were counted and tallied by the Year 5 children and then our very own returning officers made sure that all the classes who had taken part during the day knew the result. In the near future, we should know how our views compare to those of other schools in and around Retford

Over the next six months, the Splash Pool is due to be completed. Mr Brassington explained that the preparatory electrical and water supply ground works are already under way. Excitement will have reached fever pitch as the summer holidays arrive and the splash pool’s completion coincides with the warm summer weather that has been ordered in advance. The children at Carr Hill will know that they had the opportunity to give their opinion in our traditional democratic way.