26th November 2015

Mathematics Homework

How Big? – An estimating and measuring game.

You will need

1 non-clear ruler

2 players (you and an adult)

A pencil

Your homework book or a sheet of paper.


1.       Using an upside down ruler, draw, five different length straight lines in your homework book.

2.       Then, you and your adult write an estimation for how long you think each line will be.

3.       Now, measure each line accurately.

4.       If a player has estimated the exact measurement they score 10 points.

5.       If a player has estimate within 2 mm of the measurement they scores 5 points.

6.       If neither player has scored 5 or 10 points, then the player whose estimate was closest scores 1 point.

Good luck.

Note: If you need to borrow your 30cm ruler from school you can – Just make sure you bring it back for Monday’s lessons.

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