16th June 2016

Mathematics Homework

Fractions Game
You will need
•    1 to 9 card sheet
•    At least one adult to play against
•    Scissors
•    (optional) Paper to draw diagram to prove that you are correct.
Step 1: Cut out your 1 to 9 cards.
Step 2: Shuffle them.
Step 3: Pick two cards to make a fraction.
Step 4: Each player says an equivalent fraction.
Step 5: For each fraction that is correct score a point.
Step 6: First person to 5 points wins.


9th June 2016

English Homework

In school we have been looking at the glamorOUS  and dangerOUS world of words which end with the spelling pattern ‘ous.’ We have been challenged to find as many of these words as we can. Once we have found our ous word we need to write an explanation for what the word means.


This week we have been looking at 2D shape. For homework we have been asked to draw as many different triangles as we can by joining the dots within the circles. Once we have drawn the triangles we should name them:

Equilateral - Isosceles - scalene - right angled

17th March 2016

English Homework

Following our brilliant day at Brackenhurst yesterday, we would like you to talk to someone at home about the things you enjoyed about the day and what the best parts were (hopefully not just lunchtime!).  Once you have talked about the day, we would like you to write about your BEST part of the day.
You need to explain:

•    Which part of the day it was (again hopefully not lunchtime)
•    What you did
•    Why you enjoyed it
•    What you learned from doing it.

When you are writing, remember to think about making your sentences interesting, using a range of sentence starts and a range of sentences.

Maths Homework

Arithmetic test

11th February 2016

Mrs Hilton Loom and Mr Haslam have been very pleased with how hard the children have worked to improve their calculation skills and their spelling. They hope that over the half term holiday that the children will look at the spellings in their spelling books and try to find different uses for the words.

They also expect that the children will continue to practise their times tables and become even quicker and more confident at recalling these key facts. In addition to this the children will continue to read their reading books and other reading materials at home.

However, no additional formal homework has been set as it is hoped that the time can be used to begin (and possibly complete) their explorers topic homework.

Explorer Challenge

10th December 2015

Away in a manger

Away in a manger,
No crib for His bed
The little Lord Jesus
Laid down His sweet head

The stars in the bright sky
Looked down where He lay
The little Lord Jesus
Asleep on the hay

The cattle are lowing
The poor Baby wakes
But little Lord Jesus
No crying He makes

I love Thee, Lord Jesus
Look down from the sky
And stay by my side,
'Til morning is nigh.

Be near me, Lord Jesus,
I ask Thee to stay
Close by me forever
And love me I pray

Bless all the dear children
In Thy tender care
And take us to heaven
To live with Thee there


Silent Night

Silent night, Holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon virgin, mother and child
Holy infant, tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace,
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night, Holy night
Son of God, love's pure light
Radiant beams from thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace,
Jesus, Lord at thy birth
Jesus, Lord at thy birth.

Silent night, Holy night
Shepherds quake, at the sight
Glories stream from heaven above
Heavenly, hosts sing Hallelujah.
Christ the Savior is born,
Christ the Savior is born.

26th November 2015

Mathematics Homework

How Big? – An estimating and measuring game.

You will need

1 non-clear ruler

2 players (you and an adult)

A pencil

Your homework book or a sheet of paper.


1.       Using an upside down ruler, draw, five different length straight lines in your homework book.

2.       Then, you and your adult write an estimation for how long you think each line will be.

3.       Now, measure each line accurately.

4.       If a player has estimated the exact measurement they score 10 points.

5.       If a player has estimate within 2 mm of the measurement they scores 5 points.

6.       If neither player has scored 5 or 10 points, then the player whose estimate was closest scores 1 point.

Good luck.

Note: If you need to borrow your 30cm ruler from school you can – Just make sure you bring it back for Monday’s lessons.

English Homework

Years 3 & 4 Spellings

12th November 2015

English Homework

Please have conversations with adults at home about what they wanted to be when they go older. Ask them to explain why they had these ambitions.

Mathematics Homework

We would like you to complete a multiplication cloud. You may wish to use the example below or you could choose you own starting calculation. Please include a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve related  multiplicatuion facts.

5th November 2015

English Homework

In recent SPAG lessons we have been looking at homophones and apostrophes. Write a sentence for each of the homophones listed below. Extra marks will be awarded for sentences that included a correctly used apostrophe.

where                   wear                     there                     their

weather               whether              by                           bye                        buy

A wordy piece of Mathematics Homework

Big Question: Using place value vocabulary, how many different ways can I write a given number?

Example:       4321

four thousands + three hundreds + two tens + one unit
forty-three hundreds + two tens + one unit
four hundred and thirty- two tens + one unit
four thousand three hundred and twenty one units
four thousands + thirty-two tens + one unit
four thousands + three hundred and twenty-one units

Your task

For these numbers find at least five different ways to write them down.

3241              2314              1234

Useful Language – (Non-negotiable spellings)

thousands, hundreds, tens, units, ones, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety.