The trip to the zoo was fabulous because we got to see lots of different animals
— Ebony (year 3)

On the 3rd March, Year 3 and 4 visited Twycross Zoo. As part of the visit, the children had a forty-five minute lesson with one of the zoo’s education officers. During the session, the children learnt about the four different sections of the rainforest and then they were then introduced to a tortoise, a giant cockroach and a snake! After discussing the habitats of these creatures, the children were given the opportunity to touch and describe the animals. 

I was surprised by how big the giant tortoise was
— Jude (Year 4)

The children spent time in the butterfly house which helped them to appreciate what the climate in the rainforests would be like. They then spent the rest of the time observing the different animals in the zoo and looking at where the creatures came from and how their habitats were being affected.

The colourful butterflies were fluttering around us and tickling us!
— Alice (Year 3)

A fantastic time was had by all of the children and it will certainly enhance the topic and English work that will be completed over the rest of the term.

I really enjoyed feeding the lorikeets
— Mia (Year 4)