18th March 2019

It has been an exciting week in Tim Peake as we discovered that the class storeroom is actually a time travelling portal! That was a surprise! All of KS1 were having a lovely time learning about the Great Fire of London in our classroom, when a sooty lady in old fashioned clothing came running out of the storeroom screaming about a fire spreading throughout London.

Our intrepid KS1 questioners discovered that her name was Molly Wimple and she was from 1666 - she had tried to hide from the fire in a cupboard in her house but somehow ended up in our classroom! Molly had been very brave and when she saw Thomas Farriner's bakery was on fire, she grabbed one of his recipe books so that it wouldn't be destroyed.

As we have been hard at work on our end of term assessments, we decided to have some fun and make the recipe in Thomas Farriner's book. Unfortunately, the part of the book that told us what the recipe was for had been burnt away, so we used our questioning and reasoning skills to make some predictions. After a lot of discussion, we decided that it was probably a recipe for bread. We all worked together to double the amount of ingredients so that there would be enough bread for everyone. We then mixed the ingredients and learnt how to knead dough. Everyone was given their own piece of bread to knead, shape and decorate, before they were put in the oven to bake. It was interesting to compare the bread rolls that we had made to the sort of bread we are used to buying at the supermarket!

We had a special visitor on Wednesday, archaeologist Peter Hammond. He came to show us artefacts that would have been used by people 300 years ago. It was interesting to learn about the different household objects such as bottles, pipes and wig curlers. We spent our afternoon investigating these objects and creating sketches. To end our day, we gathered with the rest of KS1 and were visited by Samuel Pepys! He must have found the time portal too! We had a great time asking him questions about life in London in 1666 and have really deepened our understanding of The Great Fire.