4th February 2019

In Maths this week we have been continuing our work on money. We have been using our addition skills to total different amounts. We have also been using the counting up strategy to find the difference and calculate change.

In English we have been working hard planning our new pirate stories and making changes by swapping different characters and creating new pirate ships for them to live on. Towards the end of the week, the children started writing their new stories and are currently applying all of their learning about proper nouns, common nouns and conjunctions from the past few weeks. Watch this space for some entertaining stories!

In Topic we have been sketching ourselves as pirates and creating interesting self-portraits! The children have been learning how oval shapes are really useful for sketching the face and have been experimenting with pastels and skin tone pencils.

Our Explorer of the Week is Connie, who consistently works hard in all areas.

Our English star this week is Amelka. She always presents her written work beautifully!

Our Maths star is Alan. He always tries hard and challenges himself in his learning!