26th March 2018

In Maths this week, we have been working recognising ‘unit’ and ‘non-unit’ fractions. We found out that ‘unit’ means one e.g. ½ , ¼ etc. We then knew that ‘non-unit’ must have meant ‘not 1’ e.g ¾ etc. We have also been learning about equivalent fractions. We used numicon, Cuisenaire rods and kit kats to learn that ½ = 2/4

School Councillor Lexi.jpg

Our Explorer of the Week is Lexi. She continues to work extremely hard in all that she does and sets a superb example.

In English we have been learning the text, The Retford Ridge-Back Dragon off by heart with actions and re-writing the original version. Our handwriting and spelling are really improving. We will then begin to innovate and invent our own similar texts about dragons and creatures.
In Spelling we have been looking at ‘-le’ and ‘el’ words e.g. tunnel, apple, circle etc..

As we are fast approaching Easter, we’ve been thinking more about different celebrations. We learned about baptism and the Jewish celebration of Passover. We also had lots of fun doing our mile for Sports Relief! We enjoyed wearing our add socks, while taking part!