12th November 2018

In this week’s English, the children have been exploring different poems and learning to use their 5 senses, along with adjectives to help describe. The children really enjoyed exploring Bonfire items such as: pumpkin soup, bonfire toffee, woollen items and leaves. They created some superb noun phrases, which they will extend next week and create their own Bonfire poems. Watch this space for finished pieces!

In Maths, the children have been exploring addition. This has included using bar models and part whole pictures and recording the related facts. We have also been comparing calculations using < > and =

In Topic, the children have been learning about the Gunfire Plot and Guy Fawkes. The children were really interested in this topic and enjoyed sequencing the pictures in the correct order and writing sentences to accompany them. In ICT, the children used 2publish to create their own Bonfire pictures, writing a caption underneath. Check out the examples!


This week’s Explorer of the Week is Jorgia. She has been trying extra hard this week, particularly in Maths. Well done Jorgia!