29th January 2018

In Maths this week, we have been looking at solving two step problems, using bar models and number sentences to help us. We are showed how much we’d learnt on money in our hot tasks and have now started our work on multiplication. So far, we have been recognising equal and unequal groups. 

In English we have been using joining words (conjunctions) to extend our sentences. These are words such as: and, but, so, or, when, if, that and because, In spelling we have been looking at the suffixes ed, ing, er, est.

In topic we had an interesting discussion about the 4 most important warm items to take on a visit to the Arctic. The children had to then  arrange their 4 items in a ‘diamond 4’, explaining the reasons for placing their most important item at the top. Most children agreed that a coat was the most important and gave super reasons as to why, including: ‘a coat covers lots your body, whereas a hat only covers one.’ Also, ‘you can use your coat as a coat but also as gloves (using the sleeves) and as a hat (using the hood)’. 


Our Explorer of the Week is Ellie-Mae. She always shows excellent behaviour for learning.