6th March 2017

In this week’s maths, we have continued to learn about fractions. We have been using our knowledge of fractions of shapes, to help us find fractions of numbers by drawing the shapes to help us divide equally. We have also been working on solving problems.

In English this week, we have been adding +er and +est onto root words and practising using a set of steps to help us answer reading comprehension questions. We have also been looking at non-fiction books and identifying their features. We enjoyed labelling these in different books with post-it notes.

We had an enjoyable day on Thursday, for World Book Day. We explored Lauren Child’s, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Book. We made links with the different fairy tales in this story and imagined which story we might like to ‘fall into’, like the character Herb, in the story.

We also thought about the character of the Wolf and which other stories he could ‘fall into’ and what would be the consequence of these!
This week’s Explorer of the Week is Joseph, for really working extra hard. 
We earned 9 handshakes this week.