20th March 2017

This week, we have been applying our learning from our Fractions unit of work, to worded problems. We were very successful!  We have also been doing lots of practical work with money. This has included: adding coins and notes and combining different notes and coins to make particular amounts.  We will continue with our money work, next week. 

In spelling, we have been adding the suffix –ment and –ness onto root words to make words such as: enjoyment and kindness. We have also been researching about keeping fit and healthy, using a variety of different texts: leaflets, posters and books. We have started to create a text map to record our research. We’ve also been working hard on our reading comprehension work, using our sets of steps. We’ve all been working on our own targets towards these. 

Explorer of the Week was awarded to Albie, for sensible attitude and hard work.
We earned 9 handshakes this week! Well done everyone!