6th February 2017

In Maths this week, we have been working on multiplication and division. We have been using arrays to help us multiply and divide by grouping. We have also been solving problems involving these strategies.

In English we have been inventing conversations between Traction Man and other characters, using inverted commas (speech marks) to set this out correctly. This will help us when writing our own stories, next week! We have been exploring the ‘le’ spelling pattern as well (bobble, middle, little, muddle, apple etc.)

We had a fantastic time on Wednesday, when firefighters from Retford Fire Station came along. They helped us learn more about firefighting in the 17th century and changes that were made as an effect of the Great Fire of London. The children explored the engine and played games, using the squirters and buckets of water! The children also learned important steps to help them keep safe if ever in a fire. Fun was had by all!

This week’s Explorer of the Week is Olivia, who constantly shows excellent behaviour for learning. She sets an excellent example. 
We earned 11 handshakes this week!