13th November 2017

In Maths this week, we have been adding and taking 10 from 2 digit numbers. We noticed that it’s only the tens digit that changes when you add or subtract 10. We then moved onto adding and taking tens numbers (20, 30, 40 etc). Again, we knew that it was only the tens place that would change. We used Base 10 to help us with our calculations and some of us worked mentally. We have also been applying our learning to some word problems. 

In English we have been producing last week’s descriptive sentences as a 3D Bonfire poem. Please take a look at the photos! We have also been writing interesting verbs and adjectives to describe how fireworks sound and move. We then used these to write a Fireworks poem. 


In Spelling we have been looking at words, with the ‘s’ and ‘c’ spelling pattern. These letters make the ‘s’ sound e.g. celery, face, circle. 

Our Explorer of the Week is Finlay. He has worked extra hard all week and has challenged himself. He was also presented his work really carefully all week and shown fabulous behaviour for learning. Well done!

Thank you to all children who have brought in shoeboxes and items for ‘Operation Christmas Child’. 

We earned a massive 40 handshakes this week and we won the ‘Class of the Week’ trophy in assembly! Well done everyone!