9th October 2017

In Maths we have been using multiples of 10 to help us position numbers on beaded, landmarked and unmarked number lines. We have also been learning to count in 3s, using an alternative version of ‘Uptown Funk’, with fantastic results! This and more alternative music videos to help us learn to count in 3s, 2s and 5s are on the KS1 area of the website. Count and boogie!

In English we have been writing our own sets of instructions for how to build a sandcastle. We used commas in a list, adverbs and bossy verbs in our writing. We have been exploring the ‘i’ sound in words such as, ‘find’, ‘mind’, ‘kind’, ‘behind’ ‘wild’ and ‘child’. 

This week’s Explorer of the Week is Finlae for working extra hard and really going that extra mild this week. Keep it up Finlae!