30th January 2017

This week, we have been using our sets of steps to help us solve problems involving measures. We have been exploring the 5x, 10x and 2x tables this week and exploring patterns that we noticed. We have been using these patterns to work on our reasoning skills.   

We have been talking and writing about our favourite parts of the story, using the conjunction ‘because’ to form complex sentences. We have also been planning new missions for Traction Man. In spelling, we have been exploring adding +ing to root / base words. We noticed that sometimes you just and +ing, others you have to take off the e first and in some where there is a a short vowel sound, you have do double the final consonant before adding +ing. We played a game of ‘Find My Team’, which the children enjoyed. 

In Topic, we enjoyed applying some of our maths skills! We created a 17th century house model, from a net. We then used this to spot and describe different 2D and 3D shapes, within the model. We noticed that the roof of the model was a triangular prism and that the main body of the house was a cuboid. 

Explorer of the Week was awarded to Kyla, for always trying hard and producing quality work.
We earned 16 handshakes this week and achieved 100% attendance! Well done everyone!