16th January 2017

This week, we have been exploring steps that we can use to help us solve maths problems. We have also been doing lots of practical measuring and then extending our learning with problems involving measures. We have used cm to measure lines and objects around the classroom. Also, we have been using estimation before carrying out measurements. 

We have been enjoying Traction Man by Mini Grey, which is our latest Talk for writing text. We have been retelling the story and have completed our ‘cold task’ to help set our targets for this unit. We enjoyed having Mrs Alford for some of our spelling sessions this week, where we learnt about homophones and the ‘kn’ and ‘gn’ spelling patterns. 

We have been thoroughly enjoying learning about the Great Fire of London. This has included exploring dance focussed on the bakery where the fire started and learning to sing ‘London’s Burning’ in rounds. We have also been learning about the types of clothing people wore at the time. 

Explorer of the Week was awarded to Reece, for sensible attitude and hard work.

We earned 19 handshakes this week and attendance was 98.9%! Well done everyone! 

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