19th September 2016

This week, we have been exploring Place Value. We have been partitioning two-digit numbers into tens and ones, using base 10 to help us and writing number sentences. This has included partitioning with lots of different equipment: 10p and 2p coins, place value counters, bundles of straws and using number lines. We have also been playing ‘Race to 50’ game, exchanging ten ones for a ten stick. We’ve also been solving problems and challenges involving place value. 

We have started to learn a Talk for Writing version of Roald Dahl’s, The Enormous Crocodile, with actions. We have also been making compound sentences, using conjunctions (and, or, but, so); as well as exploring a range of ‘active reading’ strategies, such as: VIP words and I’m wondering. We are also currently enjoying reading Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox as our class reader. 

We had a fantastic time on Thursday, with ‘One Day Creative’. All of the children left knowing the story of Roald Dahl’s BFG, which they explored through song, movement and drama. They enjoyed showing their creative work with a ‘show-back’ to the Y3 classes! Fun was had by all! 

To finish off our busy week, we all dressed up as Roald Dahl characters on Friday, marking 100 years since his birth. The quality of costumes was fantastic! Thank you to all for your help and support with this! The children had a fantastic day. Please have a look at the photos!

Explorer of the Week was awarded to Daniel, for constant sensible attitude and hard work.
We earned 10 handshakes this week and got 98% attendance!

Well done everyone!