21st November 2016

We have had an exceptionally busy week!
As it is Anti-Bullying Week, we watched the film, For the Birds, and did some excellent ‘reading’ work from it, with R.I.C! The children spotted lots of bullying behaviour and were able to explain how the smaller birds should have behaved! Watch the film here:

We then wrote some wonderful poems about friendship and what it means. Please have a look at the selection!

On Wednesday we had a fantastic time on the potato bus, where we learnt a wealth of information about potatoes! We found out about preparing the field and had a go at doing this by removing stones – these cause the potatoes to grow in strange shapes! We found out that too much sun can send the potatoes green and how too much rain can split them. We planted some seed potatoes. We also had a go at sorting, sizing and weighing potatoes! Joseph asked a super question, “If potatoes are grown from other potatoes, where did the first potato come from?” Fantastic question, Joseph! 

On Thursday, we had a lovely morning with Mrs Jones, from a local sweet factory in Chesterfield. We learnt all about how cleanliness is important in the factory, what employees have to wear and how sweets are made. We then had a go at working a ‘production line’ – weighing, bagging up and stickering sweetie cones filled with jelly beans! Of course, we tasted a few, describing their flavours! This was a fantastic insight ahead of our Christmas Enterprise Challenge, where we will be making sweetie treats!

Please have a look at the films of Katie & Samuel proving that they have met their maths targets! Well done!

This week’s Explorer of the Week is Levi, who has worked really hard this week. Well done Levi!

We earned 14 handshakes this week and got 97.1% attendance.